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Joven Bautista Profile,
PASOC President, 2013 and 2014

A versatile community leader par excellence and has been serving the Filipino-Canadian community for over 25 years. He is currently working as a Power Engineer in Calgary, AB. Prior to his sojourn to Canada, he worked for Meralco Industrial Engineering Services Corporation as a mechanical engineer.

He is a naturalized Canadian citizen having been born in Manaoag, Pangasinan, Philippines. He migrated to Canada in 1982. The ex-seminarian was at the Mary Help of Christians Seminary in the Philippines. He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering also in the Philippines.

Pasoc Pres 2013-2014

The outstanding, dynamic professional engineer turned community leader is, a mentor and a role model, serving the community at-large in Calgary area. His passion to serve people actually started since his grade school years. His father, the late Judge Jovencio Mejia Bautista impacted his life when he became a government official of his hometown. His mother, Marietta Sta. Maria Tiong inspired his aspirations with her support to the late Judge with love and devotion to public service.

Immigrating to Canada never altered his desire to help people in-need. His loving wife Flora Solis Madriaga was no different from his parents. She has shown significant support to Joven in every step of the way. Likewise, their children Mary Anne, a University of Calgary student and Robin, an Engineering Design and Drafting graduate are good back-up for him. The family remains intact with common direction, in terms of voluntary services to the community. Thus far, he has many exemplary civic leadership and community service achievements impacting the ever growing, active and highly respected Filipino community in Alberta.

He is a highly dedicated volunteer/leader with a strong desire to serve with zeal and enthusiasm. His concern for peoples' welfare is unsurpassed by friends of his age bracket. The person whom the community always seeks in the "hour of need", has earned an outstanding appreciation and respect among all cross sections of the Filipino community. His impeccable contribution to the community is special efforts in serving the needy, irrespective of the people's origin, denomination including the senior citizens, women and youth. He has been a crusader in a true sense and his contributions towards a strong, unified and prosperous Filipino-Canadian community through PASOC will be emulated by the next posterity.

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Joven Bautista,
PASOC President, 2013-2014

As I step in the organization as your humble President, my thought runs along this concept of leadership.

That "leading people is walking beside them"...Comparatively speaking For good leaders, volunteer's existence is hardly noticed; For better leaders, volunteers are instructed for tasks to be done; For best leaders, volunteers are honored and recognized. In contrast, For poor leaders, politics divide them; For bad leaders, partisan is applied; For worst leaders, hatred thrived.

With any PASOC administration therefore, If at the end of a leader's term, With every work that is accomplished Volunteers can say, "Thank God, we succeeded with God's blessings" Then, your leadership is one of the greatest... In the ranks of great followers, For no leader is effective and successful If he has not been a good follower in the past.

At this time of the year, PASOC gets evaluated. Reflect on who your leader volunteers are. We need to be checked if we know the profound effect that we make on person's life. Though guided by our By-laws, we get to know the basics.

A kind word, a gentle touch, or a listening ear May mean so much to a member who is sick, in pain or going through life's difficulties.

True, we generously give one a gift of time-to communicate; To provide support and encouragement; And perhaps provide humor to make someone's day a bit more bearable.

If we have taken the time to care and to listen, That's giving ourselves and brining them the best of what we can give. The best experiences, skills, abilities, compassion, intellect and laughter, With nothing in return

Yet we receive friendship, appreciation and satisfaction within us.

We volunteer for whatever reason, Bringing someone with hope and strength And the courage for someone to face another day. The accolades, we don't work for them.

Yet, we receive the reward of comradeship with other volunteers whom we may never have met otherwise. Lasting friendship, social activities and fun may be just some of the unexpected rewards that we gain from our volunteering experiences.

Please know that I, as your President genuinely appreciate and value your commitment to PASOC, And for this, I thank you. Let me end my appreciation with one of my favorite quotes

"To the world, I may be one person; But if that one person that is "me" who can contribute a little to the world, Then I may be the world to one person"...

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By:Tata Gascon-Delos Reyes,


The milestone of success for this club hit the marking of 2 decades and 4 years and is still counting. I had the very first time opportunity to attend a Society of leaders and members who mostly hailed from where my Father’s roots began. Pangasinan.

The Get-together for the Holidays they had last December 22 at the Radisson Hotel proved how well the Club has been since its inception in 1988. The Officers and leaders headed by its outgoing President Mr. Leopoldo Mendoza, all dressed in their best, came to jointly celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the awarding of their 2012 roster of Scholars, and the turn over of their Executive Officers.


Though I have known incoming President Jovencio Bautista, Jr. from the many years I’ve lived in Calgary, I had never heeded to his invitation to join and become a member of PASOC. My excuses in the past included the busy schedule I have in raising my children and tending to both household and career life. But now that they have grown and are not as much dependent on my presence, I believe that it is time. I resolve to bring glory and honor to my father’s legacy and humble beginnings in Dagupan, Pangasinan.

Listening to Mr. Bautista deliver his acceptance speech as his time has finally arrived to lead the pact, I knew that his term would be a good one. He focuses on the simple gifts of great leadership. And as he humbly admitted, his line of thoughts are congruent to the Club’s mission. Focusing on being able to help the less fortunate, PASOC aims to better the weaving of their compassionate fabric. The projects in line for the year though will duplicate most of the annual activities they do, the leadership of Mr. Bautista will add more fresh thoughts of leadership quality to enable the members express themselves and participate deeply. And that is what true leadership and genuine camaraderie is all about. I wish this year will be more fruitful and more members will join…including me.


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Mr. Joven Bautista

...versatile community leader...
President – 2013 & 2014


Governor Espino

Joven Bautista

Dorica Walsh
























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