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 Message from the Pangasinan Governor

I take pride in greeting the officers and members o the Pangasinan Society of Calgary as you celebrate your Christmas Dinner and Dance in the spirit of loving and sharing.

Your organization stands as a strong and resilient partner of the government all throughout the years that is committed in helping us achieve our shared vision and mission.

Today, our province was acclaimed number one nationwide in the health insurance program for the poor, regional champion on various fronts in local

governance such as MDG program implementation, regional development agenda implementation, regional Best LGU in hospital management, regional Hall of Fame awardee for Coastal Resource Management and for Best National Statistics Month Celebration.

With much pride, Pangasinan is now declared by the Department of the Interior and Local Government as the Fifth Best Performing Province in the entire country. We likewise feel extremely and equally proud of our Capitol which is now considered as the best Capitol in the entire country. Our newly refurbished Sison Auditorium is now receiving amazing praises from visitors as one of the best cultural centers in the world.

Indeed, in a short period of time we have collectively pushed our province forward to gain honor and fame!

It is my great hope that you continue to keep the integrity and pro-Pangasinense spirit alive so we can further serve our people and our province to the hilt. Having a dynamic organization like yours that partner with us is an advantage. Together, let us shout: I love Pangasinan! Pangasinan, number one!

Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon!

Hon. Amado T. Espino, Jr.
Province of Pangasinan

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Message from President of the Philippines    

Pres. Benigno Aquino Sr. III
My warmest greetings to the Pangasinan Society of Calgary, as you hold your Annual Christmas Dinner and Dance and Induction of Officers for 2013-2014.

The Filipinos' sense of identity and nationalism remains a constant no matter where they might be based. This, in no small part, is because of overseas Filipino organizations such as yours, which keep our patriotic spirit vibrant. We in government thank you for providing our kababayans in Canada with a solid support system that strengthens them during adversity and rejoices in their triumph.
Your philanthropic endeavors that directly impact our countrymen back home and help in our nation-building efforts are much appreciated, for these pave the way for your members to continue upholding their civic duty to their home province.

May your new set of officers further enliven you to deepen your engagements with your adopted homeland, our home country, and the world-at-large. Together, let us sustain our distinction in the community of nations and secure a more equitably progressive Philippines.

I wish you a happy and meaningful event.


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Message from PASOC President    

This year marked Pangasinan Society of Calgary's 24th milestone of success. Three decade's track record of unequalled performance indeed is a huge challenge to my administration.

let me start my term therefore with this theme: "Simple Gifts of Great Leadership "

My concept of leadership is congruent to the Executive Board's line of thoughts that the greatest blessings of all are the ones that don't cost a fortune.

It is the comfort of spending time with loved ones...
the joy that bind us together like a family in the club ...

and the distinct privilege of giving ourselves in the service of our members, friends and the needy.

So, at this time of family, friends and good cheers, let's consider in our heart the people who are less fortunate, who've hit a run of bad luck, those who are homeless, starving due to abject poverty which may have caused by structural, phenomenal or personal reason. This is the season when we celebrate the simplest yet most profound gift of all, the birth of a child who devoted His life to a message of peace, love and redemption. No matter what our differences are, in views, principles and belief we are called to love one another. We are our neighbor's keeper This is the very essence of Christmas.

So tonight, as we celebrate the birth of the son of God, let's not only think about our families and friends back home but share the blessings that we enjoy in North America, especially with the victims of the typhoon in Southern Philippines. A dollar in the box can make one family's meal for a day. PASOC may represent a small fraction of Filipinos in Calgary, but we can help ease out the burden of some families that were greatly affected by the calamity. As I speak tonight, my heart beats for the victims that are fighting starvation around the globe-in hopes that tomorrow, their lives get over uncertainties. Why don't we put our resources together and respond to peoples' need for survival.

The importance of the fabric of our club weaves its way through the threads of our officers, in their approach to governing. My notion as your humble president is encouraging generosity, that may we not turn our back on the disadvantaged, that we are a part of the world community that participate with respect, rather than wielding power while disregarding other team players, when many of them are volunteers like me and you.

Tonight is also a good time of reflection and gratitude, a chance to recognize my predecessors and all past officers and members of PASOC who worked within the parameters of our objectives, bringing about fulfillment, joy to the recipients of our service and glory to the Creator Everyone that plays his/her role has given back the gift unto Him. If others can only dream, we in PASOC don't just sleep. We have achieved over time, but that is not enough, hence my installation as your humble president is a commitment of dedication and of love.

This position indeed provides me a platform to be the best example to others in terms of leadership in the world community.

On behalf of my family, I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year...

President 2013-2014

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PASOC Board of Directors
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